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Q. Are there any hidden charges to Van and Man Newcastle?
A. No. All you will ever pay is the hourly rate, any road tolls or congestion charges and a fuel surcharge if applicable.

Q. If the job involves fewer hours work than the estimated price was based on, do I pay less?
A. Yes. Sometimes we do complete work in less time than we thought it would take, but we charge an hourly rate so you will only ever pay for the time that you actually use.

Q. Do my items need to be insured?
A. Any low value items will be covered by us whilst being moved. When in your property they may well be covered by your contents insurance, but you might want to check. Expensive items require our consent to move.

Q. Do I have to pay anything if I cancel a booking?
A. Depending on the notice given and the nature of the booking we might ask for some level of payment. See terms and conditions.

Q. Do you only do local jobs?
A. No. We are quite happy to drive anywhere. We have previously moved items to holiday homes as far south as Barcelona.

Q. Can you take things to council tips?
A. No we can't. Man and van services in Newcastle are not allowed to use the general tip as it is not for commercial use. Any company that removes waste must have a waste carrier's licence, so remember to check firm's credentials before booking. We recommend using your council's services.

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