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Environmental Policy

We at Van and Man Newcastle are aware of the impact that the transport industry has on the planet due to its use of fossil fuels. As soon as an alternative fuel source is a viable option we will position ourselves to be able to use it, but in the meanwhile we will conduct our business in certain ways so as to minimise our use of diesel and other non-renewable resources.

Firstly, we use satellite navigation whenever we are in unfamiliar areas which means that we never waste fuel. This of course, means that we do not waste money either and this helps our drive to keep our prices low.

We do not use any paper in our office. All invoices are sent via email and we do not use any marketing strategies that involve the sending of paper-based advertising. Any waste products that are produced by the company are recycled (as long as they are suitable) and we give advice to customers as to how they might appropriately dispose of items that we cannot remove for them.

In addition to these measures, Van and Man Newcastle is also involved in a carbon offsetting scheme which is administrated by The Carbon Advice Group. Calculations are made according to the full amount of fuel used by our vans so that we can make reparations to cover our entire carbon footprint. Currently we choose to support a scheme that intends to build and maintain a number of wind turbines in India in areas that are under used due to a lack of money for development.

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