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Van and Man Newcastle are here to help you out with just about anything that you need to do,that you need a van for. No matter how big, small or unusual the work is we are more than happy to come and give you a hand. We have included below a few examples of the type of thing we do but this is not an exhaustive list....

General removals: We can help with moving anything from a single item down the road, to a whole van's worth of stuff down to the south of France, and always for a low price.

Art moving: Since we started up we have dealt with a number of art moves, including sculpture and paintings. We understand that an extra degree of care is needed in order to safely transport your work between studio and exhibition. We will take every precaution necessary, whilst still giving you our normal, very affordable prices.

Bands to venues: If you are in a band and you've got gigs or recording sessions coming up you might want to think about using us to take your equipment to where it needs to be. We can take two passengers in the van and if you're playing a gig nobody will have to be the designated driver.

Shopping trips and collecting items: If you are thinking about buying goods from places like IKEA you may well be assuming that the best way to get them home is the in-house delivery service. We recommend contacting us first. We can deliver at a specified time and we may be cheaper.

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